YEMA YM-926 Helmet

YEMA YM-926 is an updated version of the YM-925, as reviewed above. It comes with multiple new and upgraded features. including fully adjustable intake and exhaust ventilation vents. It keeps you cool during your ride and helps you control the airflow according to your liking and weather conditions.

YM-926, like other best hot weather motorcycle helmet, has lovely arrangements of inner liner and pads.  This combo helps you to ride well during the summer season. The reason, the vents ensure superior airflow around your head, and the pads suck all the heat and humidity from the interiors and pass them to vents so that you can breathe well.

Moreover, the YEMA-926 also allows you to enjoy its flip-up features to use it well as a half helmet. When you want to breathe openly during the ride, don’t try to do this at high speed. It means that you are going to enjoy a complete hot weather helmet at the competitive price range.

Additionally, you will also like its streamlined aerodynamic shell design. It introduces to reduce wind noise and drag. Do you know what does it mean? Let me tell you! Firstly, your head will not be dragged by air much. Secondly, you will enjoy a sound-proof environment inside your helmet.

Like YEMA YM-925, YM-926 is also DOT approved, which means you can drive fearlessly on having this best hot weather motorcycle helmet.  The helmet shell has a matte black finish that attracts you and your viewers. It time to enjoy your biking with this hot weather helmet.

To provide you a quick and good grip, the manufacturer introduces a nice chin strap. With which you can wear or take off your helmet within seconds easily.  For your interest, the YM 926 comes with a complete package you can use for dirt bikes, snowmobiles, Quad, and a lot more.  It will indeed save your money and time to find each category.

  • Dual visor
  • Flip-up features
  • DOT approved
  • Lightweight
  • Drag-proof shell
  • Comfortable inner pads
  • Believe us; we haven’t found any

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