YEMA YM-925 Helmet

YEMA YM-925 comes with an EPS impact absorption liner that absorbs all the heat and humidity around your face shield during your hot day ride. Moreover,  it has a lightweight inner liner and cheek pads that make YEMA lightweight and a hot weather helmet.   Similarly, these internal arrangements are soft and offer the best comfort to your head.

In addition to the above, these pads have a remarkable ability to absorb sweat and heat. They are easily removable, washable, and changeable. So you can use them well when needed. There is no doubt that all these arrangements are specially offered to make YEMA the best hot weather motorcycle helmet, and definitely, it is, believe us, it is up to mark.

Additionally, the YM-925 hot weather motorcycle helmet also has a nice combo of an updated ventilation system.  It ensures the maximum airflow around your head so that you can feel relaxed during the hot weather. Moreover, you can also adjust the ventilation marks to control the airflow, especially when you don’t want much breeze during the cold morning drive.

To offers the best protection against the collision or fall, the YEMA manufacturer tested and provides the best DOT approved shell.  The lightweight ABS shell is capable of providing you the best protection in any circumstances.   It also meets FMVSS 218 helmet standards, which is a plus point to its security features.

Likewise, the flip-up feature of this hot weather motorcycle helmet allows you to use it as a half helmet as well.  But we will not recommend it to do so, especially when you drive at a fast speed.  What else you want in your hot-weather helmet now?  Go and bring the one YM-925 for your safe driving purposes in hot weather.

Finally, the anti-scratch visor offers the best vision during a hot sunny day. Moreover, it is coated with a tinted layer so that you can enjoy better protection against UV rays.  The Dual visors are simply amazing one, and you can use well during the day and night.

  • Lightweight
  • Best helmet for hot weather
  • Updated ventilation system
  • DOT approved
  • Meet FMVSS helmet standards
  • Nice and lightweight pads
  • Chin section needs improvement

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