Biohazard Full Face Helmet

Biohazard is specially designed to offer comfort and ease during the hot weather so that you can use it well. It comes with the most advanced ventilation system, which will not let you feel that you put your head in a hot box. The top ventilation vents will ensure excellent airflow around your head, while the rear extractor’s liner will suck all of the sweat from your face.

Likewise, the inners pads are introduced with soft laser cutting technology that will not irritate you during the ride, as other helmets did. Moreover, they offer dry comfort and purely hygienic for better breathing. All these features make them one of the best extreme hot weather motorcycle helmets.  Now bring the one for you.

Additionally, it doesn’t mean that the manufacturer wholly focuses on hot weather comfort features and offers other security essentials. The Biohazard shell is DOT approved and made with a high-pressure aerodynamic body, which makes it one of the advanced ABS shell. It is the time to enjoy your Biohazard best hot weather motorcycle helmet.

In addition to the above,  the vision and focus are also the necessary part of biking. For this, the Biohazard comes with a double PC anti-scratch visor,  which provides you a comprehensive and better vision even on a hot sunny day and also offers the best protection to your eyesight against the sunlight. Use it without any fear of scratches because of its protective layer.

Moreover, the removable DVS treatment with a quick-change mechanism system allows you to change your visor easily. That’s why you can use them accordingly for better performance. The EPS liner is entirely changeable, removable, and washable, which means that you can use them for a long time.

For offering you a better grip of the Biohazard over your head, the manufacturer specially introduces the padded chin straps with micrometric closure. It not only gives you comfort but also lets you fix it according to your head size and shape. Now, what else you want in a hot weather motorcycle helmet?

  • Best hot weather helmet
  • Offers extreme comfort
  • DOT approved
  • It comes with a dual visor
  • Provide best protection and vision during the sunshine
  • It offers a nice padded chin strap
  • Bit noisy

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