Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet

Bell qualifier full-face helmet is the only type of helmet that comes with a NutraFog anti-fog tinted visor. It designs to offer you the best vision during the hot sunshine. Along with this, it also has an anti-scratch layer. Moreover, it has a click release feature, with which you can easily change the visor without any tool.

Likewise, if we talk about its shell, you will be amused to know its lightweight features. The ABS shell comes with advanced polycarbonate material, which is light and offers excellent resistance against resistive forces. Additionally, it is also designed well according to different head shapes for superior grip, so that you can buy it according to your head shape.

Similar to other best hot weather motorcycle helmets, the bell also has an excellent ventilation system. The upper and mouth vents allow you to enjoy better airflow and keep yourself cool during the hot sunny day. You can manage it manually, especially so helpful when you drive at noon when the hot wind is at its peak.

Foremost, you can also control the air velocity and can manage it according to your liking. Similarly, the combo of this advanced ventilation system with pads is merely unique. The pads are moderately cushioned, keeping hot weather features in mind. They not only provide ease to your neck and head but also regulates your breathing well.

Keep this in mind as well; this combination also helps you flush humidity and heat out of your hot box. It will provide you super comfort and ease, with which you can drive for many hours without feeling tired and bored.  We are at the point where we can say that this collaboration is unique for great customer comfort. Here we end it while telling that the bell hot weather helmet is DOT approved. You can buy this best extreme hot weather motorcycle helmet for your better biking experience during the hot day after knowing this now. It will allow you to enjoy your biking experience in severe weather conditions as well. Enjoy your ride now!

  • It comes with an anti-fog tinted visor
  • Best to choose for UV protection
  • The visor is easy to attach and de-attach
  • DOT approved
  • Lightweight shell
  • Use friendly
  • You might feel it a bit tight in the beginning

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