Shoei Men’s RF-1200 – Full Face Helmet

We know that everyone likes to buy a slim and lightweight design helmet. Which is also provides the best protection, performance, and comfort. The Shoei men’s RF-1200 full-face motorcycle helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmets of 2021 you should have.

To be the best in the market, the Shoei company made the Rf-1200 helmet’s shell with a lightweight material. Moreover, it has a wider bottom, which increases the helmet’s wearability, and provides an easy to wear and take off helmet.

Shoei’s Rf-1200 helmet comes with an advanced aerodynamic shape and design. The improved inner linings and cheek pads are soundproof and help give it an excellent condition, comfort, and firm fit, which provides the best protection for your head.

More interestingly, it is the best-ventilated helmet in the marketplace. Unlike other helmets, the Rf-1200 has three lower large vent and the three upper vent, and four uniquely designed upper exhaust. Through which it provides the best ventilation system.

Along with this system, it also provides the best wind shielding arrangement. It has individual beading arrangements on the upper and side vents that allow you to manually use air proofing and the best experience.

The Shoei company always introduce something new in their helmets. In Rf-1200, they have introduced a new base plate mechanism. The base plate is self-adjustable and has a quick release, providing the best shielding against rain and air.

  • DOT approved shell
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Comes with dual visor
  • Best choice for longer rides
  • Affordable price
  • Chin piece needs adjustment
  • Not recommended for racing

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