FreedConn Motorcycle Blutooth – Cool Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle outing with friends is always a great thing to do, and with a Bluetooth helmet, it becomes more interesting. As you can communicate with each other, listen to music, and can call anyone. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth helmet comes with all these features.

FreedConn Bluetooth helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmets of 2021 in the market as it provides a fantastic range of 1624 feet for three riders pairing. It also meets and surpassed the DOT standards. With all these features, you can enjoy your ride without any fear.

Interestingly the FreedConn helmet comes with Bluetooth 3.0 technology. For hand-free calls, you can connect it to your mobile. Moreover, you may also connect it to your mp3 to enjoy your favorite music during the ride. With which it becomes a good motorcycle helmet.

To meet the DOT standards and high-quality protection. FreedConn company uses advanced engineering technology in its Bluetooth helmets. They are made from engineering plastic, which is injected with molding technology to enhance rigidity and performance.

Like other helmets, the FreedConn Bluetooth helmet comes with a nice aseismic cushioned inner layer and pairs, soundproof, and provides the best protection to your head. Moreover, it also transfers heat and moisture to the 3-dimensional ventilation system through which it flows outside.

Amazingly it comes with two superfine visors, which make it capable of using it well in all kinds of weather. The Bluetooth battery is specially designed because of long drives as it provides a significant timing of 8 hours of intercom talk time and 110 hours of standby.

  • Comes with Bluetooth technology
  • Has the best 3-dimensional ventilation system
  • Best motorcycle helmet
  • DOT approved and provides the best protection
  • Amazing battery timing
  • May have different sizing techniques

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