TORC Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet

TORC Unisex-Adult full-face helmet is one of the best graphic motorcycle helmets as it has a nice painted shell finish and comes with exciting and catchy stickers. The company specially designed it to give you an excellent and professional look with your bike.

Likewise, the shell can glow well at night with its superior graphics and give you a prominent look at night time. In addition to this, the shell is specially designed with lightweight and resistive material, with which it meets FMVSS 218.

For the bikers’ ease, the TORC brand is continuously introducing it’s modern and cool helmets for the bikes in the market. All the helmets were updated as compared to the older ones. Like they are lightweight, they come with dual visors and a waterproofing system as well.

 The TORC helmet is the perfect match for those looking for an affordable helmet with all the necessary features. It comes with dual visors, and both are adjustable.  Moreover, the visors are also available in multiple colors and can be changed easily.

Unlike other helmets, it comes with a great wind noise proofing system.  As its ventilation vents filter the air nicely and control the amount of air entered. Which also keeps you fresh during the ride as it will flush out the humidity and heat.\

In addition to this, it also has nice cheek pads and inner liners. They help to have excellent grip and firmness and also provide extra safety to your head. Above all, it often surprises people with its unique and competitive price range.  So now you can choose it as one of the cool motorcycle helmets.

  • DOT approved shell
  • Affordable price with all advanced features
  • Best ventilation and wind noise proofing system
  • One of the best graphic motorcycle helmets
  • Comes with dual visors
  • Flip-down visor needs adjustments

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