LS2 Full-Face Rapid Street

LS2 is one of the oldest brands in the market place and have introduced their best and trustworthy helmets. With the people’s interest now, they also start working in the graphic motorcycle helmets category and offer them to bikers of all types.

Like other LS2 helmets, this one also has a lightweight and has an aerodynamic shell design. The company is highly focused on meeting the DOT standards, so they always introduce the quality product to the market, for which they are famous.

In addition to this, Rapid street helmets come with an advanced ventilation system with adjustable vents.  The mouth vent is an amazing one that can be adjusted with a single gloved hand during the drive. With which you can control wind amount and noise.

The helmet’s interior is cushioned with soft cheek pads and liner to provide extra protection to your head.  Hypoallergenic pads and liner are removable, washable, and reusable, which is another exciting feature of this helmet.  Moreover, they will also help the ventilation system to flush out the heat.

It has been seen that mostly bikers struggle with helmet’s fit during the ride. Keeping this in view, the LS2 designers specially introduce chinstraps for an excellent fit for a confident and comfortable riding experience. Chinstrap can quickly release or fix with a single gloved hand.

No doubt it’s one of the cool motorcycle helmets, as the company highly focused on providing the best protection against resistive forces.  Rapid street helmet meets not only DOT  standards but also FMVSS. Moreover, it is also recommended by the Califonia Air Resources Board (CARB).

  • DOT approved shell
  • Best brand helmet
  • Nice graphic motorcycle helmet
  • Comes with the best ventilation system
  • Offer chinstraps for extra grip
  • Easily customizable during the ride
  • Visor gets foggy sometimes

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