HJC Helmets CS-R3

Are you looking for cheap motorcycle helmets? HJC –CS-R3 full-face helmet is one of them as it comes with the lowest price with all advanced features and technology. Due to which is it one of the best budget helmets in the marketplace.

Likewise, DOT is approved with this low price feature and ensures maximum protection to your head and neck as it is specially designed for it. The unique polycarbonate material is used to make it lightweight, which can absorb forces and provide protection.

 The HJC –CS-R3 helmet’s visor is specially coated with a 3D shield, which provides you with a significant focus and protects your eyesight from harmful UV rays.  Likewise, the projection is scratch-proof, which makes it more useable for a long time.

Like other helmets in the market, the HJC company introduced an advanced channeling ventilation system in the CS-R3 helmet, which is easily adjustable and allows you to control the amount of air entered in the helmet. With which you can enjoy your ride.

Likewise, the helmet comes with a Nylex interior, the liner and the cheek pads were easily removable and washable. Moreover, they are specially designed to provide extra comfort, fit, and safety, and have significant humidity and heat absorption potential. Lastly, you can change liner and pads with any other helmet. To provide an extra tight and secure shield, it comes with a fantastic shield locking system. With which you can change face shield without any tool easily and quickly.  After knowing all these features, the HJC CS-R3 helmet should be one of the best budget motorcycle helmets.

  • Face shield has 3D coating
  • Provides advanced ventilation system
  • Ultra lightweight
  • DOT approved
  • Improvement needed in sizing

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