HJC 980-613 IS-MAX 2 Mdoular – Most Comfortable

Are you looking for a helmet type, which can be operated with a single gloved hand while biking smoothly?  Then HJC 980-613-MAX II modulator helmet is the best choice for you. It’s a feature-rich helmet that you will find right below here.

Amazingly this helmet comes with an advanced polycarbonate composite shell and an adjusted polycarbonate chin bar. It is specially designed by using computer-aided developed (CAD) technology. Due to which it becomes lightweight, has an excellent fit, and so comfortable to use.

It comes with two advanced visors to provide better vision. The clear bill gives you the finest and clear idea during the day, and the smoke-tined visor provides you the best biking experiences during the foggy weather. Which also protect your eyes from sunlight and wind.

Furthermore, the HJC980-613 IS-MAX II best motorcycle helmet of 2021 has an excellent ventilation system, which keeps you fresh and relaxed during your entire ride. With which you can breathe fresh air easily without taking the helmet off.

 More interestingly, it has a nice and cushioned inner liner and cheek pads with antibacterial fabric. Which wick the heat and humidity to the ventilation vent, through which it flushes out.

The pads were removable and washable for easy cleaning. The polycarbonate helmet provides you the best protection. It becomes the best motorcycle helmet of 2021 as the polycarbonate chin bar can be lifted with a single button. With which you can talk to anyone during the ride without taking off the helmet.

  • Provides build-in visors
  • Meet and exceeds the DOT standards
  • Provides the best protection
  • Has advanced channeling ventilation system
  • Comfortable and easy to operate
  • 1 Improvement needed in visors

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