HJC IS-17 Tario Hi-Viz – Best HJC Helmet

Enjoy your ride now with HJC IS 17. Reasons, firstly it offers you the ease of deploying the integrated smoked tinted visor. It means unlike other best budget helmets; now, you can flip up the visor of this helmet easily and quickly, even with a gloved hand.

More interestingly, one feature that we observed in HJC IS 17 amused us the most. It is its adjustable sunshield feature. You can adjust it between the three settings with a locking mechanism according to your ease and enjoy better eyesight protection.

Likewise, the visor with the above-described feature offers 95% protection against UV rays. Similarly, it fits well with the lightweight, aerodynamic shell with has a nice matte black finish. Moreover, the helmet is DOT-approved.

If we talk about its vents, then you will amuse to know that it offers multiple vents to ensure better airflow and heat extraction. It works mainly with mouth and upper vents; both are adjustable too. So you can adjust them on your favorite settings.

HJC-IS 17 best cheap motorcycle helmet, also comes with a multiple density EPS liner. It has a remarkable ability to absorb the impacting forces and offer your head the best protection along with superior fit.
Likewise, with all the above exciting features, the JHC full-face also has a super-cool interior. It includes the antibacterial moisture-wicking fabrics cheek pads. They are removable too. We can count HJC IS in the best motorcycle helmet $200 with all these offerings.

  • Offering the best interior design
  • The lightweight feature is at the top
  • DOT approved shell
  • Adjustable vents
  • Offering best sun protection
  • Shell design needs improvement

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